This Archive brings together image/text from the time I lived and taught in Brighton, on the south coast of England.
Promenade developed out of regular walks along Brighton promenade, responding in particular to the increasing number of people I encountered living in the shelters there. 
Occasional Voices allowed me to group disparate responses to overheard conversations, chance encounters while walking.
I started to develop Following Chalk Tracks just as we had decided to leave Brighton. The intention was to engage with a familiar landscape through the writings of two early 20th century writers, a naturalist and geologist. This remains a set of possibilities.

Documentary. Before I started teaching I worked as a documentary photographer, from 1980 until around 1993. The photographs collected here, drawn from the remnants of that archive, seem broadly representative of the issues that absorbed my attention during those years. 

The archive will be added to as time passes.

Denis Doran
November, 2021

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