I worked as a documentary photographer for various publications, from 1980 until around 1993. The photographs collected here, drawn from the remnants of that archive, seem broadly representative of the issues that absorbed my attention, during those years. 

Fairgrounds: I was born and grew up in a seaside town, with a permanent fairground open during the summer months. This, and a memory of travelling fairgrounds orbiting London in the 1970s, provided the impetus to make these portraits. 

Street Children, Bucharest. I spent some time, after the fall of Ceaușescu, photographing these children on the streets of Bucharest.

DDR: I was travelling in East Germany while the Wall was being dismantled. These portraits and landscapes were intended to form the basis of a broader project documenting those changes. Lack of funding stopped what might have been an absorbing project.

UK: some interesting encounters while travelling around the UK for other reasons. 

This page will be added to as, and when, I draw out other sets of photographs from the archive.  

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