It’s cold, and the rain’s set in, but at least the promenade’s quiet, and the shelter should be empty. I don’t bother anyone, don’t want anyone bothering me. So it’s annoying to have him bellowing into his mobile phone, just a bit fucking irritating having him blathering on.

-I don’t need this shit right now.
-What? I’m on the prom.
-Yes, it’s ok she’s at home, but she’s just got her pyjamas.
-Look, when you drop her off you never bring any clothes.
-Alright, but your Mam knew I was having her this weekend.
-What? Sorry, what am I supposed to do, take her out in her pyjamas? I wanted to take her out for something to eat.
-I’ve said, in town, on the prom.
-No, I’ve already said, just me, thought I’d walk along the prom. Jesus the winds wild and its pissing down.
-What? I’m getting her some clothes and we’ve nothing for dinner.
-Of course I can get something but I wanted to take her out and now I can’t afford to.
-Not if I’m to buy clothes.
-I’m not blaming you but you don’t pack any of her clothes. You know they’re all with you.
-But it was you who used to sort all that out.
-Yes, she’s all right, asleep now. I should get back before she wakes up.
-No. Your Mam’s said she’s been crying for me most of the day but I had to go to work, can’t lose days before Christmas.
-Look I can’t do this can’t lose shifts before Christmas and then what’ll I do? You tell me.
-Need to go. Call you later.’

Rain batters the shelter, sweeps across the promenade.
‘What a load of fucking shit. Bit of a life, mate, bit of a fucking life. Better off by yourself.’

I nod. Why doesn’t he just leave me alone, or maybe fuck off and die.
It’s getting decidedly chilly. Could do with a warmer coat, some decent shoes. Can’t be doing with this weather these days.